We define ourselves as a small and personal host. And we think that it's a positive thing!


Hi and welcome to KS Web! I am really glad to see you here and I am excited that you want to learn more about KS Web.

We define ourselves as a small and personal hosting company. What do we mean by that? Simply put, we believe that it is more important to deliver quality services and focus on our customers rather than quantity.

How many times have you not needed help with something from the big hosting company only to be met with a generic reply from their support staff and low will to really help you out. We believe every customer is entitled to their personalized experience with our services and support staff.

Because KS Web is a small company we are able to prioritize good personal support to our customers.

Eirik Sikveland – Founder

KS Web is located in Norway and began back in 2016 under a different name, uPax, and was rebranded in 2022. We were born out of frustration with the big hoster, we felt that we were a dollar sign instead of an actual customer, and thus uPax / KS Web was born, with one cPanel server.

Today we have about 1300 clients and several cPanel servers and server nodes for virtual private servers.

KS Web is also partnered with Atavism Online Framework to provide server infrastructure for their MMORPG solutions. Because of this partnership we have developed a deep understanding of game server infrastructure and MMO server infrastructure.

We are only as good as our customers, we love to talk with you on a personal level on our Discord server, and we talk together about improvements, new features, the good, and the bad. We also help out our clients directly on Discord 1to1.

With all this, I am confident that if given the chance, you will find a good home with us for all your services and domains!

You are our success!

We are nothing without our clients. We only succeed if you succeed. We work with our clients to make sure that you succeed and are happy with all the services you need.

Confidence in our services
Confidence in our support
Confidence in our family