Refunds & Cancellations

1. General

1.1 All Products and Services provided by KS Web are billed regularly based on the chosen cycle by the customer during the order process. If a customer would like to cancel a recurring service, they have to submit a cancellation request via the Client Area or submit a ticket in our Billing Department.

1.2 All products and services are eligible for a refund request within 14days after the order has been placed. There is two exceptions to this as stated in §1.3-1.4.

1.3 Dedicated Servers, Domains and SSL Certificates are not eligible for refund and are not covered by the 14day refund window.

1.4 Shared hosting accounts have an extended refund period of 30days from the time the order was placed.

2. Cancellation by the customer

2.1 For a Product or a Service to be canceled by our customers, a proper cancellation request must be submitted. To submit a Cancellation Request the customer must use either the cancellation option in the Client Area or by submitting a Cancellation ticket explaining the reason for the cancellation to our Billing Department.

2.2 There are two types of cancellations.
Immediate Cancellation: The service will be immediately canceled after the request has been made and all data will be permanently deleted immediately.
Next Due Date Cancellation: The service will remain active until the next billing period.

2.3 The customer acknowledges that all customer data will be permanently deleted upon termination of the service.

2.4 In the event of service suspension the data on the service will only be held for 10 days before termination and all data is lost.

3. Cancellation by KS Web

3.1 KS Web reserves the right to cancel any services at any time, with or without reason. Cancellations by KS Web are not eligible for refund*.
A partial refund can be issued if the canceled service is not in violation of KS Web Terms of Service Agreement.

Reasons for the cancellation are but not limited to:
-> Violation of any KS Web Terms of Service agreements
-> Using KS Web services for illegal or forbidden activities 

3.2 If KS Web has decided to act against a customer’s service, the customer will be given 4 days to work with KS Web to resolve the matter, before termination.